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Hi! My name is Anthony, I am a French native speaker and certified teacher of French as a Foreign Language with no regional accent. I have been teaching French for nearly ten years, both online and in the classroom, mainly at the INSTITUT FRANÇAIS de Londres (French Institute in London). Since 2021, I am back to my hometown, Toulon (Southern France), where I dedicate myself to teaching French online.

On Skype, I offer classes to adults in General French, Conversation, Pronunciation, Business French and Diplomatic French. Tailored to your level and objectives, my teaching is based on the communicative approach and aims at helping you develop your communication skills in French. I'm very patient, and my unique objective is to help you progress. 

Terms and conditions for private French lessons

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French classes online with Anthony

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French classes on Skype

  Teaching style

  • I use the communicative approach, so you are active during the whole class
  • Activities will aim at developing both your accuracy and your fluency in French
  • You will work on the four skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing)


  • Lessons will be tailored to your personal objectives and level in French
  • I will provide you with the required documents prior to each class
  • For extra practise outside of the class, I will provide you with exercises to prepare at home

   Your first lesson

  • Unless you are a full beginner, the first class will focus on speaking/listening
  • The objective of the first lesson is to evaluate your level and understand your objectives (if any)

General French lessons

Conversation lessons

Pronunciation lessons

  A1 to C1 level
(Beginner to Advanced)

  • My lessons are based on the excellent series of textbooks "Défi", as well as on my own resources
  • Ideal to develop your four skills, learn and practise grammar and expand your vocabulary

  A2 to B2 level 
(Elementary to Upper-Intermediate)

  • Topic-based activities based on your level and the CEFR curriculum  
  • Ideal to boost your speaking and listening skills and to expand your vocabulary

  A2 to B1 level
(Beginner to Intermediate)

  • Learn how to produce each sound of the French language, as well as rules related to the stress, intonation and melody of the French language
  • Ideal to improve your pronunciation and soften your accent

Business French lessons

Diplomatic French lessons

  A1 to B2 level
(Beginner to Upper-Intermediate)

  • My lessons are based on the series of textbooks "Objectif Express"
  • Ideal to develop your communication skills in the business environment

  A1 to B2 level 
(Beginner to Upper-Intermediate)

  • My lessons are based on the series of textbooks "Objectif Diplomacy"
  • Ideal to develop your communication skills in the field of diplomacy, foreign affairs and international relations
Diplomacy french classes online